Appearance Counts: How to Tell a More Visually Compelling Story With Your Data

The technology and tools available today have revolutionized the way we conduct research, but has it changed the way we present our data? All the advances we have made mean nothing if our clients, both internal and external, don’t understand or are unable to easily use the results. There are new applications that are making it easier to turn the data into information that can be easily understood and used to make key business decisions. This presentation will highlight some of the tools that are already available at little or no cost and give a hands-on view of how they can be used to make sure you and others throughout your organization get the most out of the research.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Gain some basic rules for using technology to deliver more useful information
  2. Become an information shepherd- Gain a better understanding of the technology and tools available today for better communicating data sets and information reporting
  3. See a hands on presentation using these tools to tell a story with your data
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