Concept Optimization Tools for Introducing a Suite of Products

Companies often offer a suite of products to cover the demand for good/better/best products. How should you optimize each individual product to minimize cannibalization across your product line and maximize interest in the market? Consumers want all the bells and whistles built in at the lowest possible price, but will they pay for a more fully featured product, and what should you build into that offer? 

This webinar provides insights into appropriate tools that can be used from early screening of features to a ready to launch optimization and demand estimation of the final offer.

Speaker: Jay Weiner, Ph.D. VP, Advanced Analytics at Chadwick Martin Bailey

Jay consults with many leading corporations by assisting them in using advanced methods to make better marketing and business decisions both domestically and globally. Jay has expertise in Pricing, Segmentation, Customer/Employee Satisfaction, Conjoint Analysis and Discrete Choice Analysis in addition to solid multivariate statistical skills.  His experience includes creating key performance measures for customer loyalty, brand equity and brand evangelism.  Jay is well known for thinking outside the box and designing custom analysis to answer the client’s business issues. Jay has his Ph.D. in Marketing / Research from the University of Texas at Arlington, as well as an MBA in Finance and Commercial Banking and a BBA in Marketing. Jay has published and presented papers on Conjoint, Choice and pricing research in conference proceedings.