Using Discrete Choice to Better Position your Brand in a Complex Changing Market

Is your industry constantly evolving? Do multiple factors shift daily? In this webinar you'll learn how UPMC and CMB applied a discrete choice methodology, accounting for various factors to estimate shifting consumer preferences, make key product development and marketing strategy decisions, and ultimately position UPMC for success.

The health insurance industry faces an urgent need to prepare for a new competitive market introduced by healthcare reform. UPMC recognized the opportunity to gain competitive strength in the market through innovation and new product development. However, the research supporting these decisions would need to account for a wide range of market changes and influences. To apply a trade-off exercise UPMC needed to address many challenges, including:

  • New shopping and purchase channels
  • Controlling the effect of discounts and subsidies on price
  • Introduction of entirely new consumer segments for whom purchase behavior is unknown
  • Product optimization for multi-tier offerings


Jim Villella, Director of Research and Competitive Intelligence, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Amy Modini, Account Director, Chadwick Martin Bailey